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Hey this is a great game!
Some stuff I think that could be improved:

  • Be able to skip intro
  • Reduce overall sound
  • Add an option to shoot with the mouse, I thought it was hard to aim
  • Reduce the shaking when the character is shooting

Are you still working on this?


Thanks for the feedback! The notes are very valid. As for the control, I tried to do it in a way that the gameplay could be done entirely with a joystick, and the use of the mouse would change a lot of the mechanics, but I've been thinking about solutions to place the mouse and joystick in a harmonic way. :)


Hey that's great! Please keep me posted when you update the game!

Thanks, I'll let you know as soon as I update!


Great top down metroid game. Great into animations. 

At first I was confused what the controls were and how to shoot. The flash animations at the beginning were a little too much. I don't like how the bat enemies keep spawning. I wish they would spawn once when entering new rooms. Hard to walk, dodge, and shoot. 


Had a bunch of fun playing this, felt like a top down Metroid game. Art was absolutely fantastic and shooting felt so satisfying. Awesome work.


Thanx a lot for the feedback! :)

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It's hard to shoot enemies when they come from a diagonal side.

use the lock position button to hold position and aim better in diagonal positions.



Thanx a lot!!


This is cool game loved the mechanics... also the horizontally moving alien which doesn't attack and just pushes you is cool idea.. but I saw a bug in that... when it pushes you, at someplace(not sure the proper place), your are pushed out of the wall into the black place... and u cannot come back to the game...(don't know if its a feature)

Thanks for the feedback :), I will check this after the game jam ends.

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Mmk so gameplay is intense and while the gun sounds are a little over-the-top, they're still great. My only complaint is if a flying enemy is coming at you diagonally, they're almost impossible to hit if you're forced to be in a corner. also how if they're up in your business there's no way to get them off unless you run like hell. Maybe have them hit you then back off a bit? If I die from the acid, I stay in palce and can't die or exit so I'm forced to reload and restart th entire game. 

Edit: Okay after using dodge a bit and finding out I can shoot diagonally as long as I'm moving in that direction, I got better at the game. Also rushing past everything is a viable strategy but both moving forward cautiously and rushing are both fair but balanced tactic. This is pretty damn fun!

Thanx for the feedback! :)

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The big beetles can push you out of bounds if they push you while you are in a corner

In room three just stand in front of the top most beetle and it will push you out of bound

Thanx for the advice, I'll work on it after the jam :)


Impressive sprite art. 

Thanx a lot! :D

Visit alien world's the American way by shooting guns at anything that moves and taking all the resources. As a United States citizen this streamer (cough says : Go Joe!

Take That Alien Scum.

Best REgards, N+R


Awesome job! Loved it!

Thanx a lot! \o/


The shooting is quite satisfying

Glad you liked! :)


First impressions: The color pallet, art, and character design is S tier. Loving the metroid vibes. Gameplay itself is very fun, too. The flying enemies are a little too annoying imo. I feel like they spawn in too quickly, and can get overwhelming esp around other enemies. 

Thanx for the feedback. I didn´t have time to make a balance with the fly enemies, so they appear following same pattern all the time. After the GameJam I planning to work on it.

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This game is fantastic.  Good game feel, the weapons and movement were responsive. The art and music were really good. My only complaint is that the controls were not shift, space, and ctrl like the description says.

Also, small bug, but the big guys can push you through a wall if they corner you.

Thanx for the feedback! :


Thanks a lot for sharing this game !

I played twice : 

- first time got killed rapidly

- second time got 3/5 crystals (including 1 boss fight) and got bored :(


- Nice graphics

- No bugs

- Cool minimap

Could be improved :

- Having to go back the same way after fetching a crystal is not ideal (the game already has a door coded for boss fight, why not use doors after getting crystals to create shortcuts back to the ship)

- Infinite flying enemies are obnoxious. Ok they add pressure to the player which might something desirable, but they are not that fun to fight and very repetitive.

- Enemies with attack patterns would be cool

- More weapons would be cool

I hope theses comments are helpful.

I wish you the best


The game didn't turn out as I would have liked due to Gamejam's time (there would even have been a spaceship phase that didn't have time to complete), so many things were limited or repetitive. I really liked the suggestions, thanx for the feedback! :D