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Though I love the bullet-hell entries, an awful lot...

This is great. Float like a butterfly, sting like a Magic Fist!

The only issue I can find at the moment, is that the Itch app launches the icon updater, not the game executable.

Ok. Time to get back to punching.


This was a really fun game. Great work! 


Thanx a lot! I'll post some new updates this week to improve the game, but thanx for the video! :D


You did a fantastic job!

Thanx! I glad you liked! :)


Hey friend, i just got a notification about your new game and i will play it when i get the chance!

Thanx a lot! I hope you like it!


yea it pretty good I like the girl and the punch


Thanx! I'm working in the special moves now for her. :


Great feeling! Nice work in this mechanics xDD


Thanx for the feedback! :D