Game made for Boss Rush Jam 2021.

Be careful when attacking! If you fill the Curse Bar, Alastor dies instantly.



  • MOVE/CROUCH: Arrow Keys
  • JUMP: Z
  • PAUSE: Enter


  • ATTACK: Shift
  • JUMP: Ctrl
  • PAUSE: Enter

Game by Róger Goulart

Music by Vinicius Núñez

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(165 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Boss battle, Pixel Art


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Lol I love this game and I couldn't even defeat the 3rd boss, the game is very hard, you can't regenerate your HP and it reminds me of Hollow Knight. the only bad thing I found is that when you start you get the story of the game written in a text that goes up too fast I would like it to be a little slower, but even so I think it's not history, it's the context so it doesn't really matter if you read it or not.

well, last boss one-shot me from half hp with one of these floating small blades. not sure if it's bug or not but very fun&exciting game.

now, game bugged when I got no hp, so I had to start from beginning again.


Strange, I don't remember seeing this bug playing or in the gameplays they made for You Tube. I'll check this out as soon as I can, thanks so much for reporting.


no problem.

I also downloaded and played on PC to see if this is about browser&Internet or not, but same thing happened while playing it offline aswell.

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I kinda figured it out that this happens after 2:43 minutes. so, if you cannot finish the last boss in 163 seconds, boss will somehow one-shot you regardless of your hp. it is something like time-limit I guess?

anyway, "I'll be waiting, Blademaster."

how the hell do i fight the second boss???????

(after you get the sword) 

they just keep doing the lighting thing, then coming down and spanking me, i haven't done any damage to them.

hit the head when he goes down. All enemies have a red part as a weak point.


i just finished the game and man was it heck of a game i hope to see this gae become an entire saga


this was actually a really cool game, I actually died on the post game section sadly but I got back and beat it again. It was worth it


The game's a little bit challenging. Though, I managed to beat the game! It was a fun game! :D


I really like the character designs , has a rich GBA feel to it and I wish there some kind of follow-up contest specifically for adding onto your existing past entries...  Call it " Replay Contest " or something...  I went on a rant thanks for readin'!


This was fun. How long did it take to draw?


Thanx! I did everything in a month, during gamejam


this game is good, it has great potential. You should definitely make a full game out of it!


I'm glad you liked it! Thanx! XD

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last boss hella hard but fun


I'm glad you liked It! Thanx!


how do you kill the tentacle boss? i literally cannot hit him when he slams in the ground or when hes in the air


You need to jump and hit his head when he goes down, the weak point of all enemies is the red orb. It seems difficult but you quickly get the hang of it, good lucky! ;)



Thanx! :D

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is the blade master the final boss of do you have to download for more content also this game is crazzy good


At the first boss, if you die at the same time at the boss the game crash// Good game


I'll check it, thanx! :)

This game looks incredible! I would love to know, however, if a gamepad can be used with this game.


I liked it, but the jump is horrible, I prefer to press the button and that the character jumps high rather than having to stay pressed to jump very high.


I understand, but for games where you need to dodge, having a variable jump helps a lot. Thanks for the feedback :)

Where do i attack the first boss i cant hit him from under adn if i jump and attack him i get hit some how wtf do i do


Stand in front of the boss, jump and hit the chest without advancing, so only the sword hits him and you don't touch his body. If in doubt, look on You Tube or here in the comments for videos of other people beating the boss.


Love the gameplay! But I have a request and its to add a mouse input for attacking and other stuff

Thanx for the feedback :)

Deleted 224 days ago

Thanx for the feedback! I glad you liked! :)


Game was super fun! I'd love the option for a new game plus. Would be great to take on all the bosses again with a double jump.


Really, really great game. Runs great in browser as well. Only thing for me (like others have said) is more input options. Would love to be able to use mouse input for attack/jump.


Hello, could you put other key than "x" and "z" to play. It's hard with the swiss french keyboard layout. Best Regards

I'm working on a way to make the inputs configurable, as soon as I get it I'll do an update to implement.


Game looks cool. Does it have controller support?


Yes, You can select joystick Control in OPTIONS screen.

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Is the download link broken for this?  

I think there was a problem for the downloading client. It works fine on the website


At first it looks ok, try it with some other game I made to see if it works.

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See, and yeah, it happens to other windows builds as well

The game's original resolution is 320x180. You must click the button in the upper right corner (the square) to resize in full screen.


Ok, Thanks

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When I downloaded the game, the window is too small to play. Like half of the size of window where play button is there

Very strange. Try downloading another game from my list and see if the same happens.

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You can also have an easy mode


This is a really well-made game. It is also very hard

Thanx for the feedback! :)


Fun game! :D

Thanx! :3


really hard




When player and boss 1 died, and the game went into a cut scene. When the cut scene was over, the player was stuck. (Maybe because he had died but game over didn't happen in the cut scene)

But overall, It is a nice game.

Thanx for the feedback, I'll check out!

Can i alter the controls?

not yet, I'm work on this.


The art is insane. I can't imagine what it takes to make that happen.

Thanx a lot for the feedback! :)


M e g a v a n i a m a n



This was a very visually polished game, and it was for the most part, enjoyable to play. I also really like all the different boss designs, it makes each boss really unique and different from each other. The first boss is designed pretty well from a gameplay standpoint, and the second boss is really good as well. But the third boss is a bit confusing on how to attack it, because all the other bosses up to this point had specific times where they would be vulnerable where they would let the player attack them. It took me a really long time to figure out you have to attack the head when it goes down, because I thought you were supposed to do something with the electrified state to attack it. (I didn't realize the thing where you have to attack the red dots on the enemies yet) I think the electrified state should be reworked or removed, as it's pretty confusing at first. It took me a while of testing it, and trying to trigger the electrified state to hit it in the air, or hit it's lightning bolts back at it, but it just didn't work. I eventually accidentally attacked it's head while trying something else, but it was just not as fun as the game had been up to this point. The fourth boss was actually really fun, but I think it's purple ball ability is the only hard attack it has, the other attacks are really easy to dodge or cheese. The final fight is honestly really good, the music is good, and I like how you can attack the knives to make them disappear. The combined attacks are hard to dodge, but never unfair. His teleport thing is a bit annoying, but manageable. My final complaint with this is the fact that if you die to one of the boulders, you have to restart the entire final boss fight. I barely finished the fight, and the boulders caught me by surprise and I realized that I had to do the entire fight over again, which was really annoying. All in all, good game, I would definitely buy a commercial version of this, but it just needs a couple balancing tweaks and maybe communicate to the player at the start of the game through text to attack the red dots on the bosses? So yeah, that's it, great job.

you did a really good job on this one. do you plan on continuing to work on it?

it would be great to turn in to a linear castlevania style (cv 1/3, not open metroidvania style) and have a "boss rush mode" that nods back to it's origins as a jam game.

good work.



thank!!! :)


I liked the game! Some things to improve on: 

  • Rotated pixels, they don't look good.
  • Undodgeable/almost undodgeable attacks.

I would remove the insta-kill sword, and replace it with a roll or something.

That would make the game more fun. Overall though, I enjoyed the game.

Thanx a lot for the feedback! :)

are you working on the second one or is it already out?

I'm working on a definitive version of the game with stages for each of the bosses.

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